The Black Panther after Christ

The most recent Hollywood bomb is the movie, the Black Panther. There were a few well known faces like Forrest Whittaker and Angela Nasser. And Lupita Nyong’o who seems to have become a rising sensation.

And then there is Shuri … played by Letitia Wright.

I’d never heard of before though she has been on screen for a while now, after her role in the Black Panther, she is now referred to as a breakout star. Everybody knows Shuri now.

According to her, she almost missed out on the role after hitting a crisis in her life, dumping acting and going on a search for God.

“I needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it. So I came off from it and I went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian. It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure, like I didn’t need validation from anyone else, or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that, it was dependent on my relationship with God.”

At the very depths of her depression, the British actress ended up coming to Christ after attending a London actors’ Bible study. In her passionate pursuit of her newfound faith wanting to put God first, she turned down an acting role that would have given her the opportunity to work along some major actors.

“I remember God was like, to me, ‘Give up the job,’ I can give you more than that; I just need you right now. Give up the job.”

Then, after laying down her own ambition and looking to the Lord, she was offered this gigantic role in Black Panther. She is now a major star of her own right and if the buzz is true, Shuri will show up again and again in more Marvel Comic movies. Comic readers already know Shuri became the Black Panther at some point after T’Chala so we might see Letitia again if Marvel Comics decides to pursue the thought.

Letitia also explained how many of those in the entertainment are coming to know Jesus, and that the Christian community in Hollywood is an extremely supportive one.

“There’s a reason there are so many Christians in the limelight. A lot of young people who are in the creative industry are finding an avenue toward God now,” she said. “We’re all in the same path, we’re all in the same thing. But we all support each other, and love each other, and keep each other grounded, and keep each other positive.”

Now an international sensation and with a glittering career ahead of her, Wright just wants to be used as a “vessel” for the Lord. “Where I go, where He takes me, that’s where I need to spread the love of God,” she said in an interview. “Because people’s souls are dying. My soul was dying, and He saved me. So I can’t keep this to myself I fell in love with Jesus and I’m still in love. Amen.”

She’s also quoted to have said,
“I’m not perfect. As a Christian, you’re not perfect, you know, but you’re walking everyday and trying to stay connected. I’m really grateful. I’m centered in who I am.”

Letitia wants to be an inspiration to young girls. I think she’s already a hero to a lot of people.

People think by becoming a Christian, you are losing something. The story of Letitia Wright is just one of the many that prove that faith in Christ and success and fame are not mutually exclusive.


Voice Over

Q: In a situation where one did not hear clear voice or dream but has Love for a lady and ones Spirit conforms to it. Fortunately, the lady involve also loves u in return. Does one still need to say Speak lord for one to be fully ascertain or whatever?


The answer to this question is highly individualistic. It depends on your prior relationship with God.

When you say your “spirit confirms it”, I will have to ask how far your spirit confirmation has taken you in the past. If that is how God has been leading you before now, then go with it.

If, however, you have never recorded any tangible testimony to this effect, then, I wouldn’t even tell you to go and pray. I’ll first of all teach you how to be led by God.

Marriage will have to wait.

Hey Doc!: Stubborn Infections


What can cause one to be having infection all the time?


Poor personal hygiene, poor toilet facilities are two common culprits.

However, some other practices like using some vaginal wash chemicals can predispose you to infections.

Paradoxically, indiscriminate use of antibiotics can alter the combination of microorganisms in your genito-urinary system (reproductive system, urinary system) and make you prone to unusual organisms causing infections that do not respond to regular antibiotics.


Q: What does it mean exactly to respect your spouse, especially from a sis to a bro?


Simply put, treat him like you want him to treat you.
Particularly from girl to guy, treat him like the head of your future family. If I say treat him like your boss at the office from whom you take instructions, it might be going too far. But look at it like your boss who is in love with you and trying to get you to marry him.

He is still your boss when it comes to decision making time but outside that, you treat him like an equal.

Most ladies are afraid of giving their man the due respect. What they don’t realise is that you reap what you sow, good measure, pressed down and running over. Any man who gets respect from a woman cannot help respecting that woman in return.

Hey Doc!: Contraception and Weight Gain


My question is on weight management/birth control. Since I fixed the implant birth control I have added so much weight over the last 3 years. I’ve tried keto exercise, drugs, herbal teas but still I am not loosing as much as I am gaining. The implant has also made so many changes in my body. Periods are highly irregular and comes with a lot of nauseating symptoms. Do you advice me to change this birth control method and which can be recommended?


Hormonal contraceptives, in whatever form affect the entire body in various ways that are consistent with their profile of activity.

Weight gain is one of them. However, you need to verify that it is the hormones in this implant that is causing weight gain because as far as I know, the particular chemicals in the implants are not associated with weight gain but rather menstrual irregularities.

Be sure you’re not dealing with familial weight tendencies. Also, I would be interested in you checking how consistent you have been with your various attempts at shedding weight and how long you have been making the effort.

Most folks take the weight loss measures of some advertised protocols for two months and complain they are not as slim as they were told they would be in two weeks. You have to realise that all those two weeks stories you see online are adverts meant to draw your attention.

I am yet to meet anyone who went from clearly overweight to just slightly overweight by taking slimming tea nor a “keto” diet. Most of these things work for those who have not been too much overweight and whose weight gain was due solely to poor food habits. Once they remove some stuff from their eating lifestyle, the weight goes off. But if the weight is due to genetic tendencies or other conditions, you have to get help and stick to a weight loss program that works for a long time.

In your case, you may need to remove the implant and try another form of contraception if you want to be sure.