Timely deliverance from a car wreck!

I was driving back to work after ministering from a pulpit on the evening of Saturday 10th October 2015,just a few days ago, when I just had a flash of vision in which I was involved in a head on collision on that very road I was driving and it seemed I died.
Usually, I would just ignore such thoughts but I just felt pressed to rebuke it and I did so, out loud. I declared no accidents involving me nor my wife, nor my kids and their kids, nor my relatives, would ever happen. I declared no accidents for me as long as I live, in Jesus’ name.
Less than 1 minute, perhaps about 15 seconds after, just ahead of me, a bus on my side of the road had just finished it’s business and was engaging the road again, without any signal nor even checking the road, the driver just rolled in. I was too close to him, stepping on my brakes would have resulted in an alarming skid so I swung my car away from the bus further towards the mid line. At that same time, a car was coming in the opposite direction and was overtaking a motorbike and so he swung out well across the midline.
I escaped, I guess, with less than a foot from the vehicles on either side of my car.
I thank God for the early warning, I thank God I obeyed, I thank God for the angels who heard my decree and carried it out.
I thank God for deliverance.
I praise God.


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