EZRA … 1

Another series from my studies from 2005. I trust you will be blessed.


Words of prophecy recorded by Isaiah (44:28) are fulfilled 200 years after they were made, 150 years before the king, Cyrus of Persia, was eve born. God gave His timetable and sequence of events in Jeremiah 25:9-14 and Isaiah 45:1-2 and they came to pass just as He said it and the words recorded in Isaiah 45:3 are fulfilled in Ezra 1:5-11. Truly God keeps His promises And covenants and shows mercy as 2 Chronicles 6:14 records the words of Solomon.

I wonder how
Cyrus felt when he came of age and found out that a prophet of a country presently enslaved to another nation (which was then the world power) had spoken such details of him. Did he find out after he became king and then decided to pursue those words to fulfill them or did those words meet him as a commoner, with no royal blood in his veins, and thus inspired him to pursue the throne of Persia? Did his success in the quest for world dominion draw him closer to the God of the Hebrews or was he already a believer before he began to succeed? It would be interesting to know his thoughts and his struggles between submission to the will of God in humility and the easy pride that comes with victory.

I mean how can one claim that victory in a particular crusade is something to boast in when success had been guaranteed by a God so awesome to have determined it many years before one was born and set the pieces like in a game of chess of which one is just a pawn?


One thought on “EZRA … 1

  1. Thought provoking! So are the works of our God. Similar story with Josiah and Levi who paid tithe to Melkidesech while in Abrahams loins. None of His words will go unfulfilled. If He said it, in His own time, on His terms, however He decides to bring it to fruition, it will be done. Its just so amazing. Beyond my reasoning. When He said to Jeremiah, I knew you before you were formed, He meant exactly that!!! This is applicable to us, to me now….because the scripture is now, today,present not past. This intro gives me a refreshing view of the nature and personality(in human terms) of my God and King! Thanks for sharing!


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