EZRA … 8



“You and your big mouth”. It’s a common expression and quite useful too. Many times in our zeal to “glorify” God, we say things we weakly believe, if at all. A king is disposed to help you and you mouth off such piety! Well God is good and rich in mercy. Maybe their faith was shaky at first, yet as He answered their prayers (vs 23) they must have become more confident.

I hope they didn’t roast him for calling himself king of kings (7:12).

I had wondered, and lightly taken the clause “for the gracious hand of God was upon him” in 7:8-9 but upon reading through 8:21-23, 31-32, it now makes sense why they felt the gracious hand of the Lord was upon him.

Indeed when we don’t hear some inside story, testimonies are no usually appreciated. Yet I do not advocate that people take their time, and that of others, in every service to tell the story, much of which only magnifies the devil’s activities and makes God’s intervention look like the poetic justice that came just in time to give a happy ending.


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