Continued from “PORNOGRAPHY: KICK IT!… 2”

A: Ok. So, as I was saying, the strengthening component of the grace of God has to be incorporated into your understanding and daily application of the grace in your walk with God.
I am quite sure when you said, you let your guard down, you were referring to praying, studying the word, fasting and perhaps being in church. Am I right?

Q: Studying especially.

A: Okay. I need to help you see that nothing prevents us from being tempted.
If studying the word of God keeps a person from being tempted, should Jesus who is the word of God himself be tempted?

Q: No

A: If praying and/or fasting keep a person from being tempted, should Jesus be tempted after fasting for 40 days?

Q: He wouldn’t have been.

A: If the Holy Spirit keeps us from being tempted, should Jesus have been tempted after just being filled with the Holy Spirit?

Q: No

A: These are the basic things we rely on as Christians but none of them can keep us from being tempted. Mind you, temptation is not valid if there is no chance that the tempter might actually succeed. This means Jesus could have actually succumbed. But he didn’t. He stood his ground. How come? He was strong in spirit.
What we get from word study and praying and fasting is spiritual sensitivity not strength directly. What it does is that it improves our “connection” with the Holy Spirit who is the Parakletos … You know what that means right?
Of all the shades of meaning of that word, strengthener comes in handy right about now.

Q: Yes sir.

A: So why pray?
I heard somewhere that “You get closer to the one for whom you pray, to the one with whom you pray, and to the one to whom you pray”.
The “closer” we are to the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Grace, the easier it is to download strength needed to say no in the face of temptations.

Why Study?
We need to guard our minds because it is from there the life we experience is chosen. Proverbs 4:23.
Our minds need to be renewed so that we can be renewed because a man becomes what he thinks. Proverbs 23:7
And if we think the word all the time, we will become just like Jesus was manifestly. And I don’t think Jesus had issues with porn and other vices so he is a good model to copy.

And why do we need the Holy Spirit?
So that, amongst other things, he can raise up a standard against the enemy when he comes crashing in on us like a flood threatening to overwhelm us.

All these “things” are important in helping us respond to the attack as Jesus did but they will in no way prevent us from being attacked with temptations.

So, I need two things from you, man of God, perhaps three.
Maybe four.

Q: Ok.

A: One, stop running yourself down just because there is no one around you to encourage and celebrate you. Find who you are in God’s plan and celebrate that. If only you could see the you God sees when He looks at you, meeeeehn, your head will probably burst.

Two, stop looking for a replacement for your Dad and rather seek to build a better, more intimate relationship with the one your Dad’s life was pointing you to which is Jesus.

Three, Quit trying to be your Dad’s son, seeking his approval, seeking to make him proud of you. Start acting like God’s son that you are, always seeking God’s approval, always making him proud to be called your father. He takes you to places that are ordinarily beyond you and then gives you the opportunity to give His own opinion on issues. You represent Him now, not your Dad.
By the way, you’re no longer your Dad’s son, you’re a man now and you’re now his legacy. The glory of the latter is greater than the former. You can and will go places that your Dad could not have foreseen.

Q: Hmmm. Thank you Sir.
And 4?

A: Lol!
4. While you shouldn’t set up men in your life as the basis of your confidence, you still need men to look up to. Christianity is a personal relationship with God but it is also a journey; do not travel alone. Find godly men whose lives are examples worth following because they help you see God clearer so you can follow Him better.

Everytime you slip, get up, take grace and keep moving. Never doubt that God loves you, ever!

Remember also that I respect you. It takes a great man to expose his struggles to another man.
You’re my brother, and I love you.

Q: Thank you so much.

A: You’re welcome sir, always. It’s always a privilege to be of use to God’s people.
By the way, I hope you know that getting married does not cure the crave for pornography? It is logical that it should but in reality, it doesn’t. A lot of married men are hooked and in some cases, it is the cause of break downs in marriage.

Q: I know. I was going to talk about this next.
This is actually the reason I am not looking for a relationship yet; I don’t want to bring such baggage along.

A: I hear you. And I commend you.

____ end___


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