Lesson 1: PUT GOD FIRST.
As we wrap up preparations to bury my father this week, I had a long time to put together my thoughts about how my father had influenced my life and this is my little way of expressing my gratitude to him for being a great dad. I have listed a number of lessons I learnt from him directly or when he wasn’t even aware I was watching. And by God’s grace, these add some of the lessons I hope my kids will learn from me too and pass on to many generations to come.
The first and the most important lesson is this: ALWAYS PUT GOD FIRST.
What many people don’t know is that my dad was born into a Muslim family and was devout. But he got born again about the period I was born. I still grew up to meet that their cap, which I eventually lost (don’t tell him o… lol). And he grew to become a pastor. He ensured we prayed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. If my dad sleeps off and wakes up 12midnight, we must sha pray that prayer. Even though as kids we would grumble, but it left an edilible mark in our lives. I am proud to say all 8 kids are born again and very serious with God.

Burial Rites starts this Thursday at his house, 4 Adawiatu Dauda Street, Orelope Bus stop Egebda. We would love to have you with us as we honor him.

Thank you.
From Andrew Oyanna (my brother)
CEO, Andre-Martin|Fyne Boyz Crew


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