From my brother, Andrew:
Lesson 4: Don’t be afraid to take risks

The day has arrived when we begin paying our last respects to our dad.

Looking back, I think one of the things I am most grateful to my dad for, asides leading us in the way of the Lord, is his encouragement to take risks. One example comes to mind quickly. Out of the grown ups at home back then, I was the last to learn to  drive. I don’t know why, but very unlike me, I wasn’t just interested. I guess I was more concerned about making more money to buy one that just driving one. My younger brother knew how to drive before he even entered school so he used to drop me off at bus stops while he goes cruising with his friends. Wasn’t worried at all. After several teasing, I told my dad I wanted to learn. He readily gave me tips and advised I watch other drivers closely too. It was manual transmission back then. Anyways long story short, I had a few accidents with the car yet he allowed me drive him to the major road on one occasion. After another episode of accident, my mother begged me not drive the car again even my younger sisters would beg me not to drive them (lol). It was that bad. After licking my wounds for a while, told my dad I wanted to drive his car and without any hesitation, he gave me his keys. Needless to say, I had a smooth ride that day to church even dared to do my first night driving the same day. Although I dint realize my headlamps weren’t on until I almost got home (ROTFL). It set me free forever! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they make you stronger. Believe in yourself. It occurred to me recently, support is different from belief. You can support someone without believing in that person. You may be supporting for selfish reasons. But if the ones closest to you can’t project into your future now and see you succeed, and say confidently, “I knew you could do it; never doubted you for a second”, then you are better off without them.

Andrew Oyanna
CEO, André Martin | FYNE BOYZ CREW


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