From my brother

LESSON 5: Be proud of who you are

The burial ceremony of our late father was such a success that if it wasn’t for the fact that death would be such a weird thing to celebrate naturally speaking, I would have said, ” let’s do this again sometime”. We appreciate everyone for their presence and support. We had no idea of all the lives that our father had been such a blessing to. Such an honor well deserved. I shed a few tears, it was such an emotional moment.
We had such a long day that I couldn’t send out any lesson for yday. I am sure today’s will make it worth it.

I remember like yday when I was being shipped to boarding school, the night before my departure, my dad gave me a gift; A Bible and when I opened the pages, he had  inscribed on it, “Remember the son of whom you are”. I can never forget it. So throughout my stay in school, even though I wasn’t a saint all through, it really guided my decisions, the kind of people I moved with even the kind of crimes I committed (lol… Don’t judge me). All in all, I was a good boy and still am. I may not have come from a very rich family, but we were wealthy all the same. I knew people who denied who they truly were; their family, what they had or didn’t have. Every family has a value they hold dear. What’s yours? Know it and stand by it. A good name is better than riches. I am glad I have that good name. That’s where André Martin came from #winkwink

Andrew Oyanna
CEO, André Martin | FYNE BOYZ CREW


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