From my brother:
Lesson 6: Power of Unity

As we wrap up the final burial celebration of our beloved father, I want to quickly drop off this very important lesson from him.

If there was something my father desired so very much, it was that all of his children lived as one, in unity. He always looked for opportunities for us to do stuff together and went out of his way to ensure we were a part of each other’s lives. When he called, he would ask if I had spoken to my siblings and vice versa. As a ritual, except you are not in town, we spent Christmas at his brother’s family and they spent their new year at ours. This has been going for at least 40yrs. His lesson paid off as there is still 100% unity among us the kids and we pulled off one of the most emotionally challenging task ever without stepping on each other’s toes. There was even testimonies from onlookers that we were truly united. You couldn’t even tell who were in laws from kids. Daddy, we are proud to say your training paid off and your deepest desires has come true.
“And the people are one, then nothing shall be impossible for them to achieve”

Andrew Oyanna


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