Lesson 8: Respect Women

I would like to quickly clarify something that may or may not have crossed your mind. “So if it’s life lessons from his father, what about his mother? Does that mean he dint learn anything from his mom? Or was she a bad mom?” Hold the reins horsie (ROTFL) Don’t allow your imaginations run away with you. I say this with all emphasis, I wouldn’t have asked for better parents. I love them both. And the truth is you can’t really tell the story of my father without my mom. She was his rock, confidante and best friend. My dad had the utmost regard for my Mom and for women in general and he ensured we learnt that lesson at an early age. I have 2 elder sisters whom I love so much but every once in a while, during our childhood days, we fight like every other siblings would do and of course I will win (please don’t tell my sisters o). Anyways, after such incidents, my dad would so beat me not just because fighting was wrong but because I hit a woman, more so my sister. So, on a few occasions after that, when my sister would hit me for whatever reason, I would be so angry that I would cry sometimes because I couldn’t hit back. I would tell them, just be glad you are a woman o (lol). That has stuck with me till now. It made me develop a sense of respect for ladies which gave me access to the lady folks and mutual respect. I personally think that the women are stronger in many aspects than men.

To underestimate the power of a woman, is the 2nd biggest mistake to not accepting Jesus! Because only Jesus can save you, when you enter their gbese!

Andrew Oyanna
CEO, André Martin | FYNE BOYZ CREW



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