Charity Begins at Home

Happy New Week to y’all! I do hope that you too, a great weekend.

If your parents have never told you, “my child, charity begins at home”, then you are probably very young and likely  have a new generation set of parents (lol… just kidding). Anyways, I heard that phrase from my parents wella.

My dad did not believe you should be a star in whatever you did without your family being the first partakers. I can remember a few occasions. Ok… I sing, and quite well too especially back then as a teenager but these days the cares of this world are taking its toll but we shall overcome. Because of this gift, and of course good ratings from church, my dad sentenced me to be the official praise & worship leader of the house. So when we pray in the morning or at night, like I fear, I will you just hear, ” Seiza!(my native name) oya lead us in worship”. Come and see grumble… “Baba yii, kilode now?! Let others lead too now.” Ofcourse I am not saying I led 100% of the time o but my name just leaves his lips easily. And he would say then, “charity begins at home”. You can’t claim to be a chorister and not lead worship at home.

It makes sense now but back then it was just my dad disturbing my life, more so, my mother didn’t enjoy my style of singing jare (that woman eh, na real old school … lol). I wish I could send a voice note of her imitating my singing, she was truly hilarious. Miss them both.

Your family should be first beneficiaries of whatever blessing or gift you might have.
” A hardworking farmer should get the first share of the crops” 2Tim 2:6

Andrew Oyanna
CEO, André Martin | FYNE BOYZ CREW


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