I have another testimony to share, guys. This one happened just yesterday evening.

I finished a meeting at work at 6:30pm, and I was to head to church where service was scheduled to close at 7pm. I got to town at 7:15pm or so. Service had surely closed but I had promised a brother in distress over a matter that I would see him at church no matter how late I got back so, just to keep my promise, I decided to still go.

I took a bike and guess what, this Muslim bike man could not keep quiet. His gist was that he loves Christians because of our commitment to truth and integrity. He told of his interactions with Christians from all over Nigeria… particularly when he spent about 6 years in a Corpers’ lodge (or camp, not sure…my understanding of the Hausa language is still a work in progress) and how they treated him despite knowing that he was a Muslim.
He rattled on and on then I asked him why he doesn’t move over to Christianity? He chuckled and said that was a good and big question. Of course he tried to sell the “we are all one, Jesus is mentioned in the Quaran” line but I couldn’t follow his Hausa well enough.
At the end of our ride, he asked me to bless him so he too can have plenty money like me. I said “amen” and then told him in the little Hausa I could manage “Yesu na kiranka, kajinshi. Yesu na sonka”. Meaning “Jesus has called you and you have heard him. Jesus loves you” I smiled and we parted ways.

I hereby celebrate those unknown Christians whose Christian walk gave me this opportunity tonight to tell someone Jesus loves him.

“Paul plants, Apollo waters”



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