Hello friends. I had the following conversation with a dear lady and with her permission, I have shared it here for the benefit of others who have similar concerns.

Q: Hello Sir.
Good evening.

A: Hiiiii

Q: I hope it is good time to talk.

A: You want to know what I am waiting for, abi?

Q: I know it is THE MAN you are waiting for.
I hope I didn’t catch you in the middle of your reading.

A: For you, I will shut down everything… except my wife and God of course.

And thank you for shutting down everything.

A: Do you know you are special?

Q: Many times, I don’t know.

A: Do you know that you are beautiful?
Do you know that any man who looks at you and dumps you is missing a major major blessing?

Q: Honestly, sometimes I believe that and sometimes I don’t.

A: Do you know that people less than half as beautiful as you are get loved and married gloriously?

Q: Yes sir. That’s why I keep asking what is wrong with this picture.

A: OK. I have managed some women here in their deliveries.
Let me tell you about two of them.

One had an abdominal wall defect right in the midline into which her intestines often herniated. She was born with it. And it grew with her. It was larger than her breasts. No money for corrective surgery. But she got married, had several kids and after she had born beleful, someone paid for surgery for her and I carried out the surgery. It was tedious but successful. She is happy today.

The second one, she was born with clubbed feet. Can’t stand up straight. Moves with a stick for support, perhaps like that woman whom Jesus healed, she was bowed over. But she was on my operating table to be delivered of twins and that was not her first delivery. She was married.

Q: Hmmmm.
Lovely testimony.

A: So, here’s what I think, if these people with such undesirable bodily features, who smell, have ugly brown teeth (that is if they have sef) are not economically empowered in any way for or fashion and certainly not talented like you…  If they can get married and have a stable home, then the day your own will happen ehn, hmmm, heaven will pause everything just to attend your wedding.
Don’t worry.

I’m not saying to trade your talents for a guy o but, girl, you have a set of talents that I admire.

Never fear, God will take you by the hand, and walk you down the Isle to your man like he did for Eve.

Q: Amen!!!
I know God gave you these words Cos recently, I have been unhappy and very jealous of my cousin. I introduced her to another cousin of ours who has introduced her to 2 guys now one of whom she spends countless number of hours chatting with and talking to on the phone.

This cousin of ours, I asked to introduce me to someone and he said he had no one to introduce me to.
She keeps meeting new people and I haven’t met new people in a while.

I feel like I spend all my time in church and have nothing to show for it. I am sorry I am sounding this way but I just really wanted to talk to someone about it so I could put set straight. I know I am letting my emotions get the better of me but I just feel so angry; Like what is so special about these other girls. I know I am not other girls.

I have never been in a relationship sir. Maybe I just feel like feeling sorry for myself and I allowed myself get here.

It all got triggered this evening when I went to her room twice to ask for her help with something but she was gisting on the phone with this guy and didn’t get off the phone for another 2 hours.

I was so livid cos just yesterday I ha d spoken to her about spending too much time on the phone gisting with this particular guy and tonight it happened again almost as if I had not said anything relevant yesterday.

So please sir, please knock some sense back into my head Cos sometimes, it gets pretty hard.

A: 🙂
My precious, precious sister. Do you know the story of Cinderella?

Q: Yes I do.

A: I have taught the Cinderella principle for years now. It states, in the words of my wife, “prepare yourself to be a Queen because the Prince will recognise his Queen even if she is dressed in rags”.

Q: Hmmm.

Q: Hope you saw the other half of my writeup cos it isn’t showing “read” by you.

A: I saw a lot of posts o. All the way to knocking your hard head.

Q: Lol

A: Although, all I can see is a bruised heart sha. A heart aching, yearning, longing for a connection with someone special. And that’s exactly how Cinderella was. Locked up in the attic, making friends with household pests and pets. She was locked up in chores and clothed in rags. Her fingers and knees were sore from her many chores, and her heart was sore from wanting more out of her one life.
She was clothed in rags, but she practiced how to walk with glass slippers. She was familiar with the broom but she practiced how to waltz with her groom.
She never knew that when her groom would come, he would be several times the man her “lucky” step sisters already had wrapped around their fingers.
And so, her first touch with the man of her dreams left her feeling unworthy, and she ran. She ran because she thought that it was her magic clothes and glass slippers that kept the attention of the Prince. She ran because she didn’t know that the Prince had had his fill of vain women who celebrated clothing and jewelry and thought they deserved all the men whom they had drooling over them. Well, perhaps they did.
But the Prince, you see, he grew up with the things that all men crave and saw through and past them to the truth. The truth was that it is not the price of the clothes that makes them valuable, it is the people who put them on.
And so when he saw beyond seeing, when he met beyond meeting, when he connected with this woman who treasured the opportunity just to be outside of her prison, he couldn’t forget the wonder in her eyes as she looked at things around as though she had never seen them before.  He met someone who was easy to please, someone who wanted to see the world as beautiful and amazing. And so, he went after her with all his might.

Do you understand this?

Q: Yes, I do.
This very eye opening for me… Never saw the cinderella story from this angle before.

A: Well, you would be more open eyed if you realised that the Cinderella principle can be seen in the scriptures.

Adam also had a longing but it was only God who understood it and gave him the soul mate he needed but did not know he needed.

Isaac had a connection with his mom so when she died, his heart was longing too, and God went to a hidden place, where his bride was locked away from his sight.

Ruth, her heart was broken by the death of her husband.  She lived under wings of an old wrinkled widow, she labored and served, until a man amongst men, with a heart noble enough to direct his eyes beyond the sob story of the old woman to see Cinderella locked up in Naomi’s shadow.

Rahab, The heathen harlot amongst the holy Jews… Yet she found her way into the pedigree of the king of the Jews. Someone saw her and not her circumstances and loved her all the way to the holy family tree that bore Jesus.

Q: Hmmmmm

A: Do you see, my sister?
You may feel locked away from the searching eyes of the world behind the doors of the church, hedged in by walls of church activities. Where else is better to hide a Kingdom treasure? Have you not read that a virtuous  woman is not found everywhere and is therefore as priceless as rubies? Have you not read that a good wife is a gift from the Lord? Where else would God keep his gifts but in his own house?

My sister, the very best place for a man to find you is where you are. You think you are disadvantaged because you are locked up? Think again. Your mommy locked up her best dishes until deserving guests came around. Even you keep your best clothes locked up in a box until the worthy occasions came around.

You are closer to where you need to be than you realise.

Never fear my dear, never fear. God is ever near and so is the son of his whom he holds so dear. He is right now arranging a parade like he did for Adam and soon, he would put the man to sleep and like a dream, the man’s eyes will open just in time to see you walk in on the arms of God.

Let the longing in your heart be converted into prayer and songs. Don’t let jealousy and envy paint your magic dresses with their ugly green.

Hannah felt she was disadvantaged, because she was behind her peer until, by one single push, she jumped eternally ahead and remains etched firmly in the records of heaven as the heart that bore a prayer for a womb that bore a prophet.

Ever heard of “saving the best for last”, or “he who laughs last laughs best”? Think on these things. God always has the last laugh.

Q: Thank you so much, sir. Your words have really inspired me night. I am thankful I spoke to you. I feel a whole lot better.

A: And please, check this out so the devil won’t be using it to fight your devotion to God expressed as commitments in church. Calculate the number of hours you spend in all your church activities per month and compare with the number of hours you spend at work per month. I am quite sure you spend more of your time at work than at church.

Q: I am sure you are right. I am sure I spend more time at work.

The devil tried to steal my joy and I almost let him.

Thank you so much, sir.

I am indeed truly blessed.

A: By the way, when I said “I am waiting o” I wasn’t referring to man o, I was referring to hear of you marketing your talents.  😜

Q: Hahaaahahaahaha.  Ok. I thought it was man o.

A: We thought of different things but God used it to bring us healing. So it’s all good.

Q: Yes. Right you are, sir. Right you are.


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