Couple’s Connect… 3

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Every relationship is the basis for the next or in other words every relationship is based on the preexisting one. Unfortunately, for most Christians today, especially in our setting, because of desperation, we launch on a quest for “miracle marriages” and skip some stages of the relationship that help us establish the next one.


Ideally, things go from Acquaintance to Friends to Lovers to Wedded couple (i.e. Husband and wife) to Parents and grandparents but most times, we jump one or more stages and wonder why we have a rough marriage.  For example, we consider a couple which has not become pregnant in their first month of marriage infertile and we start jumping from place to place and mounting pressures on them. Another good example is that once our God ordained “husband” or “wife” shows up, we immediately rush for the altar in the name of miracle marriage whereas when we say miracle marriage, what we mean is miracle wedding (most of us incorrectly use the words marriage and wedding interchangeably). I was surprised to find that in her book, Single With A Difference (page 310), Pastor Faith Oyedepo recommended 2 years of courtship before wedding! She being a major proponent of the miracle marriage testimonies, I guess it means she understands it a little differently from what we think.



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