Couple’s Connect… 7

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Most marriages are made or broken on what has been referred to as pressure points. We’ll try to touch the three commonest ones.

1. COMMUNICATION doesn’t mean talking. It means sending AND receiving information in a way that facilitates a goal. The goal could be a romantic relationship or marriage or family. The critical part is that the information is received and there is feed back and you know what the other person is thinking.
Therefore “talking to” each other is not enough, you have to “talk with”. Ensure there is a connection.

It’s been said that Communication is 10% words, 30% tone, 60% body language. So, you can say the right words and still fail to communicate.


Communication for men is about the destination or results and for women, it’s about the journey or the experience. Neither one is wrong  they’re just two sides of the same coin. Understanding the difference, rather than trying to correct them is a choice you need to make if you want a happy marriage.



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