Couple’s Connect… 8

Most marriages are made or broken on what has been referred to as pressure points. We’ll try to touch the three commonest ones.

Check out Couple’s Connect… 7 for number one pressure point.


2. FINANCES. My money, your money or our money.

This wasn’t always an issue because women used to be fully dependent on their men and the men were generally honourable enough to be responsible for their homes.

With the shift in paradigm to double income marriages, the challenge surfaces whether to merge finances or not. But that’s not the real problem.

The real problem is that with double income came double vision. Everyone knows that a person experiencing double vision is in trouble but we find a way to rationalise double vision in our marriages.


If your marriage is not bound to a single vision, there is no way your finances would be one and there will never be peace. Whatever “progress” you each make will only pull you further apart because you will begin to see less need for each other and the more money you earn the more distrust will grow.

This is where submission comes in.



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