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Recently, when one of my Pastors was ministering on a Wednesday service, he mentioned in David’s story a time when David’s camp was raided in his absence (1 Samuel 30: 1-8). The story goes that all the men wept, including David. They all wept until they had no more strength left and some in their distress considered stoning David. I don’t know how that would have got their families back, but hey, people with not so great minds blame their leader for everything that goes wrong even when the leaders is obviously as much a victim of the circumstance as they are. Anyway, in their grief they turned to murder and David in the same grief turned to God.

But that wasn’t what struck me.

David turned to God and asked God if he should chase after the raiders! That was what exploded in my heart that night. I was … I don’t know. All I could do was grab my pen and began scribbling, all the while going, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

As the story goes, David asked God if he should chase after them and if God would give him victory. Then God told him to go and without fail he would recover all. Now that’s usually enough to encourage anyone in a down time and it was enough to make my pastor’s point that night. His point being that divine direction brings victory, which is true.

Now, consider this: David went to God asking IF he should chase after his kidnapped family. David didn’t go to God asking if God would give him success in this endeavour. No! He went asking God IF he should go after them at all! That just blew me open! What if God had said, “No”? David knew he was asking for permission and it was up to God to give it or not give it. He knew God could have said no otherwise there was no point in asking the “if” question.

You think about it. Those who are single may not be able to get this, no offence; it takes a whole lot more than catching the revelation, rev, or rhema, whatever you want to call it, to get the message God is passing across to you sometimes. You may need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the object of your lesson, in this case David.

That night, I was thinking of my wife and two sons. If I got home, and God forbid, found out that some religious fanatics came around and took them away, would I ask God IF I should hunt or chase after them? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that night, I didn’t think I would. Even now as I think about it, I’m still wondering if I would.

Would you?



You know, I used to think that God said David was a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13: 14) because of his beautiful heart of worship. Then as my understanding grew, it included the thought that David stood where his predecessor fell in the sense that he was totally obedient to God’s directives, later my understanding incorporated the thought that David was of quick repentance when he was confronted with the error of his ways (2 Samuel 12: 13) and later that his repentance was unto God not to man, living or dead, unlike Saul who kept the prophet Samuel before his eyes even after the prophet’s death (1 Samuel 28: 3-15). After a while, I came to understand David’s passion for God and for His house, to the extent that even when God told him he wouldn’t be the one to construct the temple for God’s name, David still found a way to play a significant role in the project by stockpiling resources in advance rather than being offended (2 Chronicles 22). And when I came into that light, I thought I had comprehended the reason behind God’s praise of one of His greatest praisers.

Oh boy, was I so very wrong?


“You’re an original, don’t die a copy”. You must have heard it said and probably told yourself the same very often. Well, I’ve observed that, for most of us, in the bid to be “original”, even when we see something obviously working for someone where we are struggling, we still refuse to “copy”.

“You’re not an original because you’re the first to do every little thing; it is your particular blend of talents and unique brand of creativity that makes you original. What most of us have tagged as “copying” is what is called “learning”. Please be humble enough to learn from those who have something you need but maintain your originality by always trying out new ways to improve what you have acquired by learning. That’s why the world is being made a better place and not a fresh start again and again.

Heb 5:8  Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; Heb 5:9  And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.

Humility, it’s not one of the gifts of the Spirit but sometimes, I wish it was. – Selah


There was this song I heard only once when I was in secondary school and it stuck to my heart. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the original track and artist. Even with Google, I didn’t find it ( which goes to show that search engines do not have everything).

But I came across it today courtesy of a friend who sent me some tracks not too long ago. And would you believe it that my memory of the song was not correct? I only remembered my favourite portions of the song and at that, in the wrong order!

How incorrect our memory of an event can be. Is it possible that what you remember and hold on to as an offence may actually not have occurred the way you remember it? And you are wondering why the offender is not even acting as though he has done anything wrong. Maybe the guy just doesn’t remember it the way you do.

Let it go and let love come in and take its place. Life is Richer this way.

Let go, let God. Hebrews 12:15. – SELAH

The number 3

The following is a discussion I had with a friend a while back. He was blessed. I thought it might bless you too.

Q: Please can I ask you a question sir?

Why is everything in the kingdom 3 fold? 

We have trinity; God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are made up of spirit, soul and body.

And we have 3 voices speaking to us at every point in time: the voice of God, the devil and ourselves. What’s the relationship?

A: The number 3 🙂

Q.: Hahahahahahaha.

Please it’s been on my mind. Trying to understand how it affects our daily living.

A: God is spirit. The three are one and that one is spirit. They are one (united) and so they are always in agreement on every issue. Right there is the difference between God and man, our own three are not one.

Our spirit always pleases God and our flesh always seeks to please itself (which effectively means pleasing the devil because the devil has programmed evil into it).

Therefore, every matter, for us, requires a vote.

Since we are “three”, we have three votes which means there will always be a decision made in the “house” which is always determined by the majority of two against one. So there will always be a campaign for the winning vote. The spirit votes for God always, the body votes for the devil always but the soul can be swayed.

As you know, the party whose campaign you listen to the most gradually begins to appeal to you.

This is why there is always an on-going campaign by the two parties we carry around. The devil uses everything he can to get our attention and win the deciding vote: everything around us, people, fashion, media etc. God uses the word through everything he can … church, people, nature etc. Both are trying to get the deciding vote.

The kind of person you are is determined by which party gets the deciding vote most of the time.

Interestingly, we were born without the ability to hear the campaign of one party and with the ability to hear that of the other effortlessly. So, though we had a spirit, we were dead to it. But to correct that, we get born a second time and this rebirth comes with all the devices working and so we can connect to the other party and hear the campaign.

However, it does not end there. Our soul is still more skilled at receiving input from the flesh and because we are now interested in hearing from the spirit we need to depolarize our souls so that we can hear our spirits just as well as we can hear our bodies. That’s what we call renewing of the mind and you know what we need to do that.

So now, when we take actions, it’s not 2 against a silent spirit. We can no longer say, we couldn’t help it, which means we all have the opportunity and capacity to be spiritually “minded” which means to have spiritual minds or minds that are prone to casting their votes with the spirit party … all the time, if possible.

It is easier to be spiritual if we surround ourselves with campaign materials of the spirit party.

I hope I helped.


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So the issue at hand then is how? How do I know who I am?

  1. Observation and analysis – Skills, dispositions, and limits (not limitations). Access points: your history i.e. what your parents and relatives remember about you and your predispositions in childhood. Your passionate likes and dislikes. Your friends i.e. your friends can point out what you are passionate about quite easily; the people that are comfortable around you give a hint at the kind of person you really are and not just the one you want us to think you are.

Knowing your limits is one of the things that keep you humble when phenomenal things occur in your life – you know it couldn’t have been me, it must have been God at work. It’s also one of the things that keep you respectful of your team members or team mates. You recognize where their various strengths complement your strengths and cover your weaknesses. John C. Maxwell believes it is resource consuming with no significant result to try and build yourself in your area of weakness. He counsels, rather, that you spend your resources building up your strengths which yields more results with minimal resource input and then look for people who are strong where you are not and get them on your team.


  1. Word study and discovery – Who God says we are in Christ. You know your rights, priviledges, responsibilities. You get to know also your short comings and what to do to measure up to the kingdom’s standard.

Please note that your skills plus your dispositions plus your self-discovery by the light of the word of God is not always equal to your calling in life. They may pointers but they don’t always mean what we think they mean. Jesus came to liberate mankind but people thought he came to be king of Israel.

You will have to get the Holy Spirit’s help to interpret the “signs” in your life. Remember, no man takes this honour to himself, by himself. Hebrews 4:5


  1. Revelation – your unique purpose in life. What grace you have operating in your life. Psalm 139:13-17

Access: Spend time with God over the subject of your life and its relevance to God and if you truly love Him and His kingdom, it’s a small matter for Him to show you what you are to do.

Spend time in prayer and the word, in meditation, fastings. These exercises, I don’t see them as the price to pay for greatness, I see them as taking the time to know what is on God’s mind because you truly care about Him and His kingdom enough to want do exactly what you were made for so that His Kingdom will thrive as He wants it to.

Put these to work and you will find yourself bringing so much praise to God on a daily basis that it produces joy in your heart and your love for Him only gets stronger because the joy of the Lord is your strength.