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Still on finances and submission, I find this concept interesting. We call it “Professionalism” meaning “applying ethics and etiquettes that guide relationships in the work place to reduce interpersonal friction and maximise productivity.”

It makes us overlook offences, insults, hurts from colleagues just to keep the peace and if it’s too much, we take it up with the higher placed officer whose authority over us we accept without question. We are courteous to colleagues and customers, we smile, offer a helping hand and dress and smell nice. (By the way, this is what makes us think that guy at work is a better husband material than the one I have and that lady is more beautiful and appealing and understanding than my wife.)


Many of us have more qualifications than our bosses. Many of us are older than our bosses. Many of us are better on the job than our bosses and that’s why they rely on us so heavily, yet we never question their authority over us. Why can’t we do this at home with the one we pledged before God and other witnesses to submit ourselves to?

We do it well at work… Professional banker, professional engineer, professional everything but when we get home we throw professionalism out the window and we become uncultured, insensitive, untrained and uncivilised to one another. We make no attempt to be professional husbands or professional wives.

This is an unfortunate mistake.

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2 thoughts on “Couple’s Connect… 10

  1. I totally agree with you on this. I think when it comes to our spouses, a lot of married people, over the years have taken their partners for granted. They have lived with this people to know who they really are so there is no room for pretence or keeping a front just to save face. All the walls that professionalism in the work place provide, is broken down in marriages because we have a wrong notion that the two has become one so anything goes. If we can respect the privacy of our colleagues, I think our spouses deserve some as well. We can’t get the best out of our spouses if we take them for granted. Imagine a man who accompanies his wife to her office end of the year party. There he sees this same wife of his who doesn’t respect him, showing respect to her male colleagues. He would be shocked and sad.


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