Most marriages are made or broken on what has been referred to as pressure points. The three commonest ones are Communication, Finances and Physical Intimacy. We have touched the first two,

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Sex, intimacy, Romance are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing at all.

INTIMACY: vulnerability, transparency, “naked but not ashamed”

SEX: We all know what that is. It is a goal for men, but it is a means to a goal for women. Men get intimate so as to have sex whereas women have sex so as to get intimate. This is why in troubled marriages, sex is the last thing to go; the woman would use sex as a last means to get her husband to be intimate with her and perhaps change his mind. Even in settings involving physical violence, the couple still manage to have sexual relations.

Anyway, so after “the act” of sex, a good man will take some time to remain with her and be nice to her, talk with her, hold her, know how she is feeling and soothe her because the physical act is never enough for her, she wants the intimate tenderness that comes after. That was her goal.

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