Couple’s Connect… 12

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SEX DRIVE . We talk about it most times as though it is a bad thing and is found only with men whereas it’s not. Most women, at some point in their menstrual cycle experience a desire to make physical contact. They want to be touched, hugged, kissed and have sexual relations as is appropriate. It’s because at such times, there is an appropriate combination of hormones that drive her to feel that way. It’s therefore a Hormone drive.

And what most don’t know is that that particular mix of hormones that makes the woman feel that way 3 to 4 days in a month is the normal CONSTANT for men and so they will always feel like making physical sexual contact and all that 24-7.

It is a well known fact that as we age, the sexual drive in women begins to increase and after some years, that for men begins to decrease. It’s because the woman’s hormonal profile begins to approximate that of a man, especially after menopause, and that of the man begins to falter and lose some sex driving components.  It’s called Testosterone.


There is story of two American lesbians I read in a magazine about two years ago. They were in love and so they chose to be a couple. Then they decided the one who was playing the role of a guy should have a gender reassignment surgery done for her. Of course, apart from the surgery, the necessary hormonal changes had to be done for the procedure to be complete. However, in a matter of months, the female component of this relationship began to complain that her now “male” partner was now almost always aggressive, restless and wanting to have sex all the time. And so, they broke up.
I laughed and felt sorry for them on account of their ignorance.

So, stop treating your husband as though he has a disease that makes him want to have sex all the time or that he lacks self control or whatever. It’s normal for him. What you both need to do is develop your relationship to manage it responsibly.

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