Couple’s Connect… 14

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This refers to the packaging that we engage in order to show, acknowledge and celebrate our own beauty.

This does not ALWAYS refer to dressing or acting seductively but it could include that between a married couple.


Dressing like your grandmother all the time, especially when your husband is around is not smart. It tells him you don’t think you’re beautiful and sexually attractive, worth his time, or that you want him to leave you alone.

And, you know what? It works. He will leave you alone and if he lacks self control, he would go to other women even if it is only to look at them.

No matter how we want to coat it, in terms of sexuality, men are moved PRIMARILY by what they see. God made them that way. If you don’t give him what to look at, he will look else where.
He leaves the house in the morning and you’re dressed like a poor house help and he comes back at night and you’re still like that, knowing full and well he would be surrounded by pretty well dressed women exuding their own very best all day long. It means you do not care to attract his attention.

In real life, there is no vacuum. If something is missing from its place, another thing will take its place. If you don’t appeal to your spouse, something or someone else will.

Why is it that you make yourself look beautiful, or at least presentable when going out of the house to meet with other people but when you get home to your husband, you couldn’t care less how you looked?

Do you think your husband will remember forever how you looked at your wedding and be carrying that image around in his head all the time? By the way, generally, men are lousy at remembering such things.

Generally, women want their men to dress well to avoid embarrassing them but men generally want their wives to dress well so they can bask in her beauty. Keep that in mind.

Mix things up, show him a side of you he has not seen before or repackage it to make it look like new and you will have your man by your side all the time. It keeps him wandering.  Remember Jesus said “without signs and wonders, they would not believe”. He will keep “believing” as long as you keep him wondering and amazed. But if you let him “see you finish”, he will get bored and you will lose his attention and with time, his affection. Keep up the mystery.

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