Couple’s Connect… 15 (Finale)


Keep up the mystery, ladies.

This mystery is the secret of the “new girl phenomenon”. The most attractive girl is usually the one who just transferred to your school, or who just came in to town with the latest set of corps members, or just transferred from another branch of your church anywhere outside your town, or the one that just joined your service unit or that one who just joined the lead vocalists in the choir. The new girl is the most mystifying because we know the least about her. Guys would flock around her not because she is the prettiest but because she is the most mystifying, and men are fascinated by strange things. This is why proverbs warns against “the strange woman.”


There is a lot more to making marriage a heaven on earth experience but we couldn’t possibly discuss them all at once but with these in place, we may be well on our way to a blissful marriage.

This is the final installment of this series. For Couple’s Connect… 14, try the link below.

In case you missed it, get to Couple’s Connect… 1 here


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