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So the issue at hand then is how? How do I know who I am?

  1. Observation and analysis – Skills, dispositions, and limits (not limitations). Access points: your history i.e. what your parents and relatives remember about you and your predispositions in childhood. Your passionate likes and dislikes. Your friends i.e. your friends can point out what you are passionate about quite easily; the people that are comfortable around you give a hint at the kind of person you really are and not just the one you want us to think you are.

Knowing your limits is one of the things that keep you humble when phenomenal things occur in your life – you know it couldn’t have been me, it must have been God at work. It’s also one of the things that keep you respectful of your team members or team mates. You recognize where their various strengths complement your strengths and cover your weaknesses. John C. Maxwell believes it is resource consuming with no significant result to try and build yourself in your area of weakness. He counsels, rather, that you spend your resources building up your strengths which yields more results with minimal resource input and then look for people who are strong where you are not and get them on your team.


  1. Word study and discovery – Who God says we are in Christ. You know your rights, priviledges, responsibilities. You get to know also your short comings and what to do to measure up to the kingdom’s standard.

Please note that your skills plus your dispositions plus your self-discovery by the light of the word of God is not always equal to your calling in life. They may pointers but they don’t always mean what we think they mean. Jesus came to liberate mankind but people thought he came to be king of Israel.

You will have to get the Holy Spirit’s help to interpret the “signs” in your life. Remember, no man takes this honour to himself, by himself. Hebrews 4:5


  1. Revelation – your unique purpose in life. What grace you have operating in your life. Psalm 139:13-17

Access: Spend time with God over the subject of your life and its relevance to God and if you truly love Him and His kingdom, it’s a small matter for Him to show you what you are to do.

Spend time in prayer and the word, in meditation, fastings. These exercises, I don’t see them as the price to pay for greatness, I see them as taking the time to know what is on God’s mind because you truly care about Him and His kingdom enough to want do exactly what you were made for so that His Kingdom will thrive as He wants it to.

Put these to work and you will find yourself bringing so much praise to God on a daily basis that it produces joy in your heart and your love for Him only gets stronger because the joy of the Lord is your strength.



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