The number 3

The following is a discussion I had with a friend a while back. He was blessed. I thought it might bless you too.

Q: Please can I ask you a question sir?

Why is everything in the kingdom 3 fold? 

We have trinity; God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We are made up of spirit, soul and body.

And we have 3 voices speaking to us at every point in time: the voice of God, the devil and ourselves. What’s the relationship?

A: The number 3 🙂

Q.: Hahahahahahaha.

Please it’s been on my mind. Trying to understand how it affects our daily living.

A: God is spirit. The three are one and that one is spirit. They are one (united) and so they are always in agreement on every issue. Right there is the difference between God and man, our own three are not one.

Our spirit always pleases God and our flesh always seeks to please itself (which effectively means pleasing the devil because the devil has programmed evil into it).

Therefore, every matter, for us, requires a vote.

Since we are “three”, we have three votes which means there will always be a decision made in the “house” which is always determined by the majority of two against one. So there will always be a campaign for the winning vote. The spirit votes for God always, the body votes for the devil always but the soul can be swayed.

As you know, the party whose campaign you listen to the most gradually begins to appeal to you.

This is why there is always an on-going campaign by the two parties we carry around. The devil uses everything he can to get our attention and win the deciding vote: everything around us, people, fashion, media etc. God uses the word through everything he can … church, people, nature etc. Both are trying to get the deciding vote.

The kind of person you are is determined by which party gets the deciding vote most of the time.

Interestingly, we were born without the ability to hear the campaign of one party and with the ability to hear that of the other effortlessly. So, though we had a spirit, we were dead to it. But to correct that, we get born a second time and this rebirth comes with all the devices working and so we can connect to the other party and hear the campaign.

However, it does not end there. Our soul is still more skilled at receiving input from the flesh and because we are now interested in hearing from the spirit we need to depolarize our souls so that we can hear our spirits just as well as we can hear our bodies. That’s what we call renewing of the mind and you know what we need to do that.

So now, when we take actions, it’s not 2 against a silent spirit. We can no longer say, we couldn’t help it, which means we all have the opportunity and capacity to be spiritually “minded” which means to have spiritual minds or minds that are prone to casting their votes with the spirit party … all the time, if possible.

It is easier to be spiritual if we surround ourselves with campaign materials of the spirit party.

I hope I helped.


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