You know, I used to think that God said David was a man after His own heart (1 Samuel 13: 14) because of his beautiful heart of worship. Then as my understanding grew, it included the thought that David stood where his predecessor fell in the sense that he was totally obedient to God’s directives, later my understanding incorporated the thought that David was of quick repentance when he was confronted with the error of his ways (2 Samuel 12: 13) and later that his repentance was unto God not to man, living or dead, unlike Saul who kept the prophet Samuel before his eyes even after the prophet’s death (1 Samuel 28: 3-15). After a while, I came to understand David’s passion for God and for His house, to the extent that even when God told him he wouldn’t be the one to construct the temple for God’s name, David still found a way to play a significant role in the project by stockpiling resources in advance rather than being offended (2 Chronicles 22). And when I came into that light, I thought I had comprehended the reason behind God’s praise of one of His greatest praisers.

Oh boy, was I so very wrong?


6 thoughts on “DAVID: A MAN APART…PT1

  1. I really love this topic about David. He is one of my favourite Bible characters. Thanks for the animation. For cartoon lovers like us, you have succeeded in driving your message home. Now we can see a thousand messages from the picture.
    Thanks for sharing once again.


  2. When do we have part 2? New lights. I always thought cos he praised God and he was obedient and always repentant were what made him a man after God ‘s heart. I await the real deal. Thanks for sharing your insights.


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