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I mean, David was a skilled warrior who could hold his own in a fight and the fact that he had the reputation of being a giant slayer was probably an advantage he had. David had skilled swordsmen who were recorded later to have performed various feats in battle such that they were referred to as “David’s mighty men”. He must have had expert trackers who could find the signs in the ground indicating the direction where the raiding band went. He had all these in his arsenal and he went to God to ask God IF he should go after them? Wow!

If I were in David’s situation, I probably would have walked up to God and said, “Father, I’m going after these guys who have my family right now, I claim victory in Jesus’ name. I receive my family back in Jesus’ name. Now Lord, I ask, give me the wisdom on how to attack the matter at hand without hurting my family”.

You may laugh at me but here’s your version of my prayer: “Father, all my friends have gained admission into the university. Lord, I’m going to write Jamb now applying for so and so as first choice course and so and so as second choice course. Lord, give me admission into the university this year and I will live to praise you.”

Yours may be this version: “Father, my friends are all employed in good companies with good pay. I’ve applied for this job with so and so company and I claim it in Jesus’ name. Lord, I receive this job, let them call me for interview and let me get this job. Thank you Lord.”

Or this one: “Dear Father, all my friends are married now. The ones who aren’t are already engaged, I even have the invitation cards for some of their weddings. Now Lord, I receive my husband from you in Jesus’ name. I decree, that I’ll be married by this time next year, in Jesus’ name.”

I’m sure you fit in somewhere, or you can identify easily with at least one or more of these situations. And I hope you’re beginning to get the point: We generally choose what we want and when we want it and how we want it and then go to God to ask for His almighty power to accomplish it. We usually don’t ask God IF He wants us to do or have that particular thing.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “All things are mine” and “He’s given me all things to enjoy” and “He said ask and I will do it” or “Ask and you shall receive”. And you know what? I totally agree with you. We have the right to ask and expect to receive but here’s my question, do we just go to God and ask for something just because we know we have the right to it and the right to ask for it? Do we ever remember that God is not some sort of ATM or vending machine that has no agenda, and all we need to do is punch in the proper codes and we get what we want when we want it? (That may not apply to ATM service in some banks I know anyway). Do we ever say, “Father, what is your decree in this situation? Tell me your will so I can decree it in the earth as you have decreed it in your heart?” (1 John 5: 14-15)

Or like in the above examples, do we think of saying, “Lord should I go after my family or not? Lord, do you want me to go to a university or not? Father, do you want me to get this job or do you want me to go for a job at all? Father, when do you want me to get into a relationship for marriage? If you do, when?”


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