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See, most of us don’t approach God with the thought that He has much of a choice in the matter. I’m not talking of the wishy washy kind of asking for God’s will like “O God, if it be your will, let this woman be healed” and then when she is not healed or she dies we go, “Maybe it wasn’t the will of God for her to be healed.” I’m talking of Lord, I know you want her to be healed and I say amen to that. Now, what do you want me to do about it?”

I’m glad God holds up his end of the covenant. He did say decree and it will be established but do we ever think about the story of the prodigal son? (Luke 15: 11-32) Do we notice that when the younger son walked up to his father demanding for his own portion of the inheritance that the father didn’t say, “How dare you?” The young man didn’t give his father much of a choice. He didn’t care that his father might have something planned for the resources that translated to his [the son’s] inheritance. He didn’t think to ask if the father was thinking of such a thing and when, if he was, was he planning to implement it. Matter of fact, he didn’t care that his father was alive or not. He just had his plans that needed funding and his father was the ATM with password “inheritance”.

Isn’t this the same thing we do most times in our prayer?

Many times I hear people say, I’ve told God that I wanted this and that at this certain time. I’ve settled it with God. The question that usually flies into my mind is, “And what did God say? Did you actually discuss with Him and arrive at a settlement or did you just lay it down for Him and tell Him how it’s going to be?” Most times, I get a blank response or some quick comeback like, “That’s what I want and I’ve told Him, He has to give it to me”.

You know, the more you argue with me in your mind, the more you make my point. That David was a man apart. He was and still is a man like, I think, none of us are. I think he left an example for us that is so far out that it will be tough to follow, unless you become like him. You can’t, even if you understand and agree with me, do like David did in his dark hour on a consistent basis unless your heart becomes like David’s.


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