Every potential feature in the human body and to some extent the mind, is determined by hereditary components called genes (not the jeans which we put on as clothes). Genes are the fundamental codes that determine what potential is passed from one generation to the next. As genes are copied from one template to another, mass produced so to speak, their features sometimes get altered and may be amplified. Hence, you might notice that children grow taller than their tall parents or shorter than their short parents. This amplification could continue till there are literally giants of normal physiology in the family tree. What sometimes keep that from happening are the presence or absence of the other two factors.

Abnormal tissue growth is also dictated by certain genes called “Oncogenes”… please these are not “uncle genes” and they are not the relatives to “antigens”.
Some folks have these oncogenes. It either developed in them which is referred to as mutation or they inherited it from their parents. And as these oncogenes are copied down to subsequent generations, their features may also be amplified  and depending on the presence of the other two factors, they may find expression in an individual at some point.


Up next: Factor #2 – The Trigger

See part 2


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