Not all our genetic potentials get to manifest automatically even though we have them. They often need to be triggered by something. Back to the height example, the children of tall parents may have near average growth rates until they attain puberty where the growth spurt more or less launches them to a rate of growth that makes you wonder if they will ever stop. Or some chubby folks were quite trim until they had their babies and the hormones needed to grow their babies also made them grow bigger. Which is why some ladies refuse to get pregnant because they want to keep their figure for any number of reasons. Possibly thinking of pregnancy as a trigger for something they suspect they have a genetic potential for… Probably.
These are examples of triggers.


With Abnormal growth, it is the same thing. Having oncogenes is one thing, but exposing those genes to the right trigger is another. If those oncogenes are never triggered to act, they may never be expressed. And various oncogenes respond to specific triggers. Common triggers are alcohol, cigarette smoke, radiation, and even the sun in the case of most, if not all, skin cancers.

Still to come: Factor #3 – The Sustainer.

See part 3


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