In most cases, this is where the diet comes in. Certain environmental components, especially those we ingest, end up fueling the abnormal tissue growth. This is not to say only the abnormal growth feeds off the diet. What actually happens can be likened to weeds in a farm. They tend to grow quicker and spread more and faster than the intended crop and thus consume more of the resources.
The abnormal tissue, since it grows faster than normal tissue, uses up more of the “fuel” consumed in the diet. The fuel could be a form of carbohydrates, or proteins.


Back to the height example, tall parents give birth to children with the genetic potential for great height, and puberty triggers the growth spurt but if the child doesn’t eat right, he might not be as tall as he could have been because his body didn’t get the needed fuel.

So what do all these mean?

Watch out for part 6.

See part 4


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