Must I do anything to be blessed? Am I not already blessed?

Consider the concept of salvation. We are having some arguments today because some believe salvation is a done deal, while others believe it is an on-going process, while yet others believe it is something to come in the future. But if we look at the scriptures, we’ll find that all three concepts are just three different views of the same thing or, better put, three different components of the same salvation plan. Thus, I can say we are already saved (Ephesians 5:2), we are being saved (Romans 12:2, Hebrews 7:25) and we shall be saved (Romans 5:9-10; 8:24). This means that it is a concluded spiritual contract that we apply to ourselves by accepting and adjusting and conforming to it so that when Jesus returns, we can receive the rest of the package which is basically a physical, or bodily, manifestation of what he effected when He died for our salvation. (1 Corinthians 15:51-54). So, each of the three views is only partially correct but all three together are correct.

Now, the concept of “Blessing” is a part of the salvation package and by extension we can say we are already blessed (Galatians 3:9, Ephesians 1:3), we are being blessed (Philippians 4:14-19, James 1:25, Revelation 1:3; 16:15; 22:14), and we shall be blessed (Revelation 14:13; 19:9; 20:6) just as we have been saved, are being saved and shall be saved. And the word blessing does not just refer to financial supply. In Acts 3:25 and Romans 4:7, turning from sin and being pardoned are considered a blessing. In Romans 1:25, God is considered blessed and I don’t think anyone can financially increase God by giving Him money. James 1:12 says when you resist temptation, you are blessed.
If we were to stick with “I’m blessed already and I don’t need to do anything to be blessed” concept of blessing, then once anyone got born again, all his health problems, financial problems, spiritual problems and every other unpleasant thing would just disappear instantly. But it doesn’t happen like that. We have to learn to believe, discover the will of God through study of the scriptures and walk in what we do find. We have to listen to the Holy Spirit as He gives us personal directives in our journey of life and we have to follow laid down principles found in the scriptures.
Check for example, Paul says we shouldn’t stop leading productive lives on the account that Jesus’ return is imminent; that is just an excuse to be lazy. In fact, he who does not work should not eat. 2 Thessalonians 3:7-12

So, we are saved by accepting the finished work and we are blessed by accepting the finished work; we are being saved by our actions and we are being blessed by our actions; we shall be saved by the appearance of Jesus in the flesh and we shall be blessed by that same appearance of Jesus in the flesh.
The same can be applied to faith, strength, grace, love and every other virtue or benefit in the kingdom.

Acts 20:33-35. Paul gave to others because he wanted to be the one who is more blessed.
Acts 21:26, Acts 16:1-3. Paul did something in keeping with the law, not because he was trying to earn righteousness by doing the works of the law but because he saw the wisdom of doing what was beneficial.
Acts 18:18. Paul did something that could be considered religious again showing that the benefit is the agenda and not the dogma.

In fact, Jesus said the Law was made for man’s benefit and not the other way round. Mark 2:24-28.
So, the law is not a bad thing. 1Timothy 1:8, Romans 7:14, 16. And the fact that a thing is required by law does not mean we must not do it just because we are not under the law. The very fact that we are not under the law is what makes it possible for us to fulfill the law.

Part 4 is up ahead. https://pdlionunlimited.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/tithes-and-the-new-testament-christian-4/

Part 2:  http://wp.me/p6rlMY-1G


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