Men of God? Aren’t we all men of God? Are some men more men of God than others?

Why must some other human being think he should have a say in my life when I can,  and do,  hear God for myself?

Eph 4:11. God set some in the church to be prophets, pastors, and so on, to help us on our way on the journey of faith. How do they help us? They do so by speaking over us what God intends or has already spoken concerning us. Ezra 5:2, Hosea 12:13, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Galatians 4:19. God did the same thing to Abram. I believe it was God who sent Melchizedek to meet Abram, feel free to argue with that.

If a man of God preaches tithing or any other thing based on the Law of Moses and by it, or any other argument, seeks to compel me to do what I through a superior understanding of the scriptures know to be good and right, does doing it now make me come under the law? Must I choose not to do it just so the man of God will realize that he is in error?
I don’t think so. What is good is good, whether it is legal or illegal. And if, in my bid to enforce my liberty, I choose not to do what is right, then I am in as much bondage as the one who, for fear of offending God by breaking the law, did the right thing.
Even if someone is trying to compel me to give, I can still choose to give with joy because I know that that man stands or falls before the Lord God who sent him but for me, even a cup of water I give to someone on account of him being a servant of God shall be multiplied back to me. That alone is enough to wipe my frown away.
If someone were to show up now and say you must breathe air otherwise you would be offending God and you would be cursed, would you stop breathing air? I don’t think so.

Still to come…Part 5.  https://pdlionunlimited.wordpress.com/2016/09/13/tithes-and-the-new-testament-christian-5/

For part 3, http://wp.me/p6rlMY-1I


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