So, after all the foregoing, what do I have to say?

1. The tithe is God’s.
2. Tithing is God’s idea.
3. Tithing predates the Law of Moses, even Abraham, and so cannot be said to have passed away with The Law since it didn’t come with The Law. By the way, Hebrews 7 shows that Melchizedeck, who I think represents Jesus Christ, is still receiving tithes. So tithing is still in effect.
4. The Law is good in that it shows us what is right and wrong. We who live in the era of grace have the power to fulfill the law by living above it and doing what is right irrespective of the Law.
5. Paying or giving the tithe is necessary to enjoy the blessing you have. It is not optional or up to how you feel about it.
6. There are three different types of tithes: the tithes to the church and/or pastor, the love feasts and seeds, and the ministry to the less privileged. None is superior to another and none cancels out another.
7. The tithe under scrutiny is “the tithe to the church or pastor”. It is to be paid in the spiritual house where you are being ministered to and cared for.
8. A child of God cannot become cursed because he didn’t do any particular thing but he will struggle if he doesn’t do his part of the covenant he has with God and that is not a blessing but a curse.
9. Joy is a necessary part of all giving. It is better not to give than to give without rejoicing but it is best to find joy in all your giving. However, you already have joy in you as a fruit of your spirit, so give if the cause is right whether you are being compelled or not.

I encourage you, in spite of all I have written here, to search the scriptures for yourself with an open mind and learn the will of God concerning this matter and every other matter in the kingdom. I trust the teaching Spirit to show you the way.
Again, if you have questions requesting clarification, send me a private message. I will consider any thing in the comments as just that and I may not respond to them.
Thank you and stay blessed.

For part 6, http://wp.me/p6rlMY-1O

Part 1, http://wp.me/p6rlMY-1E



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