JOB… 1

The book of Job is one of the puzzling books in the Bible for most people. Many have never even the read the book through. Well, for some reason I felt like reading the book of Job straight through in one sitting and on the January first 2005, I did.
I recently stumbled upon the notes I made and it was a refreshing read and so I have decided to share them here. The notes are in a prospective form, meaning that I wrote down what I was contemplating as I went along in the course of reading and not retrospective which would have been after reading through and writing with 20-20 hindsight. Therefore, some of the notes were questions I was asking and hoping to get answers to later on. Some answers I got at the end, others much later on as I kept walking with God.
I will share the notes as they are with the hope that they would stir in your heart the truth that God kept in this interesting book for you.
I did not include the verses of scripture as that would amount to including the entire book of Job in here making it too voluminous. It is my hope that you would consult the Bible for yourself as you go along.


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