JOB… 5

Chapter 12:5 – When people are in trouble, naturally, those who are not in trouble will mock the one in trouble and point out the fact that he brought the calamity upon himself.  This is a fact established in life… not through wisdom but foolishness.  

Wisdom dictates this, “mourn with those who mourn” and that is one wise thing Job’s friends did at first (2: 11 -13).  It is not wise to say “this is what I would have done if I were in his shoes” without considering the kind of person who is presently in sorrow and wondering “what brought this upon him” and “I wonder if I would do better in such circumstances” and finally, “Lord, I am at your mercy.  Should I face such a situation, help me to know you are near so I can keep following you.”
Job’s friends spoke a lot of wise sayings.  They made a lot of statements that have truth in them…  But they were not wise.  They misdirected their quotable quotes and rather than console, they condemned.  Rather than reasoning, they concluded (32:3) all because they followed events and missed the cause.  Apparently, the wisdom of their day which is what they had adopted, (15: 10) asdumed that anyone who suffers calamity cannot be pure and so deserves his sorrow (19:5; 22:6 -11; 32:2).  It appears that Job, even in his anguish, was still in touch with his spirit and whatever form of truth he knew “leaked out” occasionally.  (16: 18-21; 19: 25-29; 21: 19-21; 23:6-7).

The same thing happens to us today. In our calamity, we speak rashly. The truth lies deep within us and occasionally leak out but we are too distraught to notice it. It is when the storm is over that we realize that the truth we finally heeded which led to our rescue, though it was spoken to us by another person, had all the while been ringing within ourselves.  I have been there, many times… very many times.


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