JOB… 6

33: 19-22.  It appears that the thought that God teaches us with sickness and disease didn’t start yesterday.  I hope God answers Elihu on this. 

33:33. Someone should slap this man’s face; not because he has not spoken wise quotes, not because the things he spoke are incorrect and misplaced, not because he is wrong in thinking “the old are not always wise” but because his knowledge is making him swell with pride and he has lost or put aside his respect for Elders.  

His inspirational speech beginning in chapter 32 has been consulted for years for many of its wise remarks, even I have lived in the light of 32:8-10.  But suddenly today, I see the disrespect this young man has for old age and though he did well to conceal it (32:6 – 7) and probably that earned him audience with the Elders, he took “the inspiration of the almighty” quite too far.
I observe that many young people of today suffer from the same plague.  We acquire more knowledge at our age than the Elders did in their time and for some, all of their lifetime put together, and the fact that we are more current makes us think we are wiser.  This wrong assumption makes us commit another offense; we despise the Elders because of their supposed ignorance.  Most of us young ministers despise mentorship for this same reason.


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