JOB… 10

42:1-8. Interesting! Though Job falsely and ignorantly accused God as being the cause of his woes, he apparently did satisfy God in his claim that he was innocent and God should not punish him so. 

More important, however, is the thought that he considered God the final arbiter of justice and the same one who would justify him, thus “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” (13:15; 16:19-20; 23:1-14). I think the most valuable thought that Job expressed, though I cannot tell if this is what The Lord delighted in the most, is in 19:25-27 and in the face of all calamity, all saints should learn to say “I know for sure that the one who stands and speaks for me and buys me back from destruction is alive and will always be the last man standing and so even if I lose this battle going on in my flesh and my earthly tabernacle is consumed, when it is all over I will be able to see Him clearly. This thought alone gives me so much joy I can barely contain myself and yet what will I do when I see him … I can only imagine”


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