JOB… 11

Nobody answered Elihu! No one said anything. The old men did not answer him. Was it because they were stunned to silence by the young upstart and their jaws hung open? Was it because they looked at him and felt pity for him, seeing the end of his conceit and the consequence of his self-imposed wisdom titles? Or were they just tired of speaking and would rather save their strength for their journey home and chose to ignore him, and watch the “wise young fool” boil and stew because he was ignored?
And God didn’t! Maybe God ignored him because his talk was too foolish to be rebuked… like Adam’s when he blamed his wife for his fall. He very well could have argued with God as to why God would justify job and “pardon” his claim of innocence much like many of us “zealous” Christians do today when we hear or see that some grievous sin has been pardoned or some notorious sinner has been adopted into God’s household. So maybe God didn’t want such foolishness to be recorded in the bible…I don’t know. Or God understood that he was young and rash as so let him observe and learn in silence and go home to ponder about what he had seen, much like Paul asked the women of Corinth to observe in silence and discuss at home…I don’t know.

This has been a great read! I didn’t mean to study the book, certainly no intention to write down anything but “voila”. Study is great but many times, I pore too deep into details and may get stuck on some rev. very possibly, errors arise from such. It is good for one to pull his head out of the microscope once in a while and just look at the whole picture hanging from a wall. There we learn lessons we may apply to our lives in addition to the revs we may brandish before other believers for the noble purpose of doctrine unto edification or for other reasons akin to Elihu’s display of “well-rounded knowledge”. God help me. God help us all.
I still don’t know why God has pressed me to go through this book like this, yet I am grateful for the lessons I have learnt.


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