Just like with the previous blogs on Esther and Job, this is merely another go at sharing what coursed through my mind as I studied on January 4th, 2005. I trust it would be a blessing to you.


Nehemiah mourned the state of his nation not because he was unaware of the cause of their wounds but because he was concerned. He knew God was true to his covenants (vs 5) and that their destruction and exile was just (vs 8). He also knew that if genuine repentance took place, return will take place as well. And he went ahead to plead Jerusalem’s case before God, and prayed that he’d be instrumental in its restoration.

Such attitudes are far from many of God’s people in present times and I speak of Nigeria for such is what I have observed. Many of us are so “righteous” that we are not concerned about the issues affecting our homeland’s economy, politics and governance. Where we are concerned, it is the observation of faults and flaws in our systems and the condemnation of whoever we think is to blame, of course not ourselves. We mostly do not take up such issues with God in prayer for help and when we do, we mostly don’t wish to be involved. I pray God helps us turn such attitudes around.

Broadening the thought, even when a person rightly deserves the trouble in which he has found himself, it is no credit to us to gloat over the “justice” being done. It is our glory to “speak to the judge” to have mercy and return such a person to his former place of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:28-29) though we rejoice that truth and right is served as only God can. (1 Corinthians 13:6)



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