Rise again

Hello. I had the following discussion with one who is now a friend sometime back. Her story is quite frequently encountered as I interact with people and so, I got her permission to share it here. 

What better day is there to share a life changing story of faith and salvation than today.  


Q: Good evening sir

A: Good evening.

Q: My name is Q, I am 22.

A: Nice to meet you, Q.

Q: The pleasure is mine.

A: Is that you in the dp?

Q: No sir.
Please sir. I need your help.
I don’t know if this is the right platform to ask for your help.

A: Depends on the sort of help.
Ask your questions, I’ll do my best to assist you on your quest for answers.

Q: It’s about my spiritual life and relationship.

I get to rise and fall in my spiritual life and its mostly when I feel I’ve committed a very big sin and I feel if I render anything to God I’m just wasting my time and then I tend to stop praying, studying and fasting and I’m so addicted to secular music, everytime I try to stay away I find myself going back to it😥
What can I do?

And I’m having serious issues settling down in a relationship. Not getting what I’m expecting.

A: First question, are you born again?

Q: I thought I was but I don’t have the kind of experiences others have. I always come out for any altar call I get the opportunity to.

A: Coming out for altar call is good but did you Surrender your heart to Jesus or did you just go out because you were feeling bad about your choices in life?

Q: I go out because I want to surrender my heart to Jesus but deep down it turns out that I feel so bad about my choices and I just want to start all over and make it right.

A: 🙂
I totally understand you. Countless people I’ve met also share similar stories. I’ve been there too… wanting to start all over.

Q: But I end up going back.

A: You need to know something, once you have given your life to Christ, you are born again and that’s it. You may struggle with ungodly lifestyle, fall into sin and all that but as long as you have not denounced Jesus, you still belong to him.

Q: But I can’t relate to those born again experiences people share; I don’t feel Him
I’m just confused.

A: Although, Jesus is not a feeling, I can relate with feeling left out of the “experiences” you mentioned.

For years, I was into church and all things church and when people share their testimonies of how they got saved and felt a peace or overwhelming joy in their souls, I realised I had no such experience. For years I put it off and just kept doing church stuff like all the saved people but then, one day, it dawned on me that I was not born again.

Q: Totally my experience
Leaves me with the question.. Am I born again? How do I know.

A: Do you know what I did? I went to God and prayed the same prayer of repentance I have led many others to pray over the years. And when I prayed, I accepted it as a fact that I was saved because, as a matter of fact, you can never feel saved, you just have to believe what God says in His word that if you accept Jesus and confess him as Lord, you are saved.

Q: 😀 I’ll do just that.

A: Let me give you some examples as regards believing.
When I asked you for your name, did you feel like your name is Q?

Q: Yes.

A: Really? Do you actually *feel* your name?

Q: No.
No no
I’m sorry I was not getting the drift.

A: OK.
How did you come by the name Q?

Q: My parents gave it to me.

A: Really?

Q: Yes.

A: Are you sure?

Q: Yes…
Or am I missing the question?

A: No, you’re not missing the question. You’re making my point for me.
My point is, you don’t feel your name. You don’t have any way of knowing that your name is Q. You simply accepted it that it was your name.
You believed.

Q: Yes yes yes.

A: You not only believed that your name is Q, you also believed that the people who say they are your parents are actually your parents.

Q: Yes.

A: Or were you there to witness your own conception? Were you there to witness your own birth?

Q: No

A: Or do you *feel* that they are your parents?

Q: No
It’s based on belief.

A: Exactly. You believed them. And as you grew with them, you started having emotional connections that makes you *feel* like their child, and you got used to the name they gave you so you started acting like a Q. Anywhere Q is mentioned, you turn your head because you believe your name is Q.

Q: Right!

A: You allow your parents take care of you, feed you, clothe you, tell you what to do. Even as an adult, whenever you want to do something, you talk to them.
Isn’t that so?

A: It’s the same thing with being born again.

Q: Owww. Now I get it!

A: When you give your life to Christ, according to the dictates of the bible, do it the way the bible says to do it, then God says you are saved. Whatever you feel is irrelevant.

I’m a doctor and I know some babies cry loud and long at birth, some just cry softly but neither is more alive than the other. So whether you feel saved or not, accept what God has said, you are saved. Simple!

Once you have given your life to Him, He calls you saved. He calls you righteous, He calls you holy, he calls you Saint, He calls you his bride and His child. These are some of your names. And just as you respond when your earthly name is mentioned, you should also respond when your heavenly names are mentioned. And just as with time, Q became your subconscious identity, saved will become your subconscious identity and it will affect all that you do.

Q: I really appreciate this sir.
Thanks a lot.

A: If you allow your “father in heaven” to lead you, guide you, clothe you, feed you after a while you will start to have emotional connections with him and you will start to feel and enjoy your relationship with him and start to “feel” like a child of God.

Q: I need to get dressed for school now.

A: No worries.

Q: I’ll continue after school.

A: I still have some things to share with you so I will keep leaving you messages. At your next opportunity, you can go through.

Q: Thank you very much sir
Do have a lovely day
Ok sir.

A: Meanwhile, if you have not yet done so, just pray this prayer now, as in right now. Not in your mind but say it out loud so you can hear your own voice.

“Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I am not saved and if I die this way, I will not be with you in heaven. But now, I acknowledge that you are the Saviour of the world and my own personal Saviour because I believe that out of love you died for me. I choose you today to be my master, my friend and my father. I now declare that Jesus is my Saviour and henceforth, I am saved and a full fledged, full blooded child of God. Amen.”

If you prayed that, you have the right to smile and shout hallelujah.

Q: 😀

A: I rejoice with you, my sister in the Lord.
We’ll continue later.
[ The next day ]

Q: Good afternoon sir.

A: Hellooooo, my precious sister in Christ, how are you and how was school?

Q: I’m fine.
School was hectic and I came back with a terrible headache and sour taste in my mouth.

A: You need to rest. Take a shower to relax and sleep. You should be fine.

Q: How’s work sir?

A: All is well.
How did you feel today?

Q: Felt very happy I must confess and I was just meditating on everything you told me and I was happy I got to know what I knew today.

A: Meditation, hmmmm.. . That’s a very critical concept in resolving some of the issues you brought up previously as regards the choices you’ve been making before now.

Q: Can’t shower… I’m cold and can’t sleep. Been trying to.

A: Heat up some water, take a warm bath.

Q: Right away.

A: When you’re done with that, kneel by your bed and pray. Tell God how you’re feeling, just as simply as you have told me. Then tell him, in Jesus’ name, that you want him to help you relax, rest and get well quickly.
Let us see what God will do.

Q: I’ll do just that.
Thank you sir.

A: We’ll pick up tomorrow in answering you other questions.

Q: Yes sir

As at my last contact with Q, she is doing well and growing. 


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