Understanding When and Whom to Date. PT 9


Common reason people start dating #7: “I had a dream”. 

Another common reason people enter into romantic relationships, especially amongst us Christians, is that they saw a certain person in a vision or dream. Some heard the voice of God pointing out someone to them as their future spouse. 
But is that enough to make us get into a relationship with the person? 
I can state categorically that visions, dreams and all manner of divinely supernatural communications exist between God and mankind on a regular basis. I can also say that God is interested in communicating with us every time on every subject and the choice of a spouse is not the least amongst topics of interest. Just like any parent or friend, He will talk with you about choosing a spouse if you let Him. 
The mistake we often make, which I would like to point out here is that we often take such revelations of the approval of God of a selection of a spouse as the green light to go ahead with a relationship immediately, oftentimes with disastrous results leading some of us to conclude that God does not involve himself in such affairs because if God was involved, it shouldn’t have gone wrong. There’s so much that is wrong with that idea. 
I have to point out, that God’s involvement in things doesn’t automatically mean nothing would go wrong. We have to understand that God’s dealings with man is a partnership or covenant as we like to say in Christian Circles. God has a part to play and so do we. He made us in His likeness and so we have the will to choose just like He does and just as no one can make Him do anything, no one can make us do anything either… not even God. I’m sure He COULD if He wanted to because He’s omnipotent but He chose not to, such is the power He gave to mankind and He will not violate our will. 
Think about it. If God could make us do stuff, would everyone not be saved already? Would anyone be able to do anything evil? The fact that we pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” means having His will done on earth is not automatic. God wills good always, it’s up to us to agree with Him in order to access the goodwill. Two cannot walk together unless they agree. 
Now to the point, examples are available in the bible that show us that God is not in the business of giving us half the needed information, expecting us to complete it with our imagination. He tells us what to do plainly and we choose to or not to obey him. 
He says, come now let us reason together… if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. Isaiah 1:18-19
Take David for example, he asked God whether or not to fight and God said yes. Then David asked for clear directives on when and how to fight and he got it. And he always won. (2 Samuel 5:17-25). Compare that with Moses who knew in his heart he was called to deliver Israel but going ahead without clear instructions complicated things for himself. (Exodus 2:11-15) But when Moses learned to ask God for step by step instructions on what to say and do, he became an unparalleled and unstoppable prophet and deliverer. 
Visions,  dreams and so on, are not always one way experiences that allow no room  for interaction. You can ask God questions if you need further information. He won’t be offended. Mary asked and got answers, Peter as well. (Luke 1:34-35, Acts 10:9-16).
James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [men] liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” 
I believe every relationship is beneficial, but for time and place. God might have okayed your choice but you need to be clear if he has okayed your timing. 

​We’re still on, folks! You can catch the last part using this link: http://wp.me/p6rlMY-fx


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