Understanding When and Whom to Date. PT 10

​Okay. Just a quick recap of some recent key points. 

1. Dating is not a bad thing, it’s what we’ve associated it with that makes us think it is. 

2. There are many wrong reasons to get into a dating situation with someone. The common ones, as discussed include Age, Biological clock, peer pressure, Tired of being single, dreams and visions. 

Now, let’s look at the proper reasons one should consider himself ready to start dating. 
There are many features, however all those features can be summarised with one word – Maturity. 
Someone is thinking, “Is that it? I knew that”. Perhaps you’re right… Perhaps you knew that…. Perhaps. 
But for the vast majority of people who have only a vague understanding of what maturity means, let’s explore that word a little. 
Next time. Okay? 


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