Understanding When and Whom to Date. Part 11

​Usually, when talking with people about what they think is the best determinant of when a person should start dating, some say “maturity” but when further discussion ensues, a  large number don’t know what the word means. 

So, what is maturity? 

In order to understand the picture that the word paints, let’s first consider what maturity is not and the universally acceptable definition of an immature individual is – a baby. 

There are a number of things that jump to mind when we think off  babies. First is their size. They are tiny. Of course with proper feeding, they would grow up. And when they are fully grown, we tend to think they are mature whereas, in fact, we have simply mistaken growth for maturity. 
Growth is merely the increase in size and or number but maturity involves growth and something more – development and the consequent attainment of full functional capacity. 
Take a fruit tree for example, it might have grown to its final size but it would take some time with nothing apparently happening before it is ready to bear fruit. Same with a girl, she might have grown to her adult size but her reproductive capacity might still be limited by a body that hasn’t matured enough to hold a baby without harming herself. 
So growth is good but it’s only a component of maturity. So, young lady, you might have developed the figure eight but still be immature. Your broad shoulders and thick muscles shouldn’t confuse you either, Bro. 
Apart from increase in body size, there is something else that happens to babies with the passage of time. 
We’ll continue next time. 


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