Understanding When and Whom to Date. PT 12

​Still on maturity…  

Last time I believe we came to understand the difference between growth and maturity in terms of the body. 
But there is more to man than his body. There is the invisible component, his soul and his spirit. But let’s just focus on the soul for now. 

The soul is usually said to consist of three major components viz, the mind, the will and the emotions. I have read somewhere that experts mention up to five components but this basic description serves my purpose. 
The mind (or intellect) is the part responsible for acquiring, processing, storing and recalling information. It’s how we learn, remember and apply what we learn. The mind can be trained based on the type and the frequency of information it is subjected to and required to recall. When we say someone is an expert in a particular field or is a genius, it’s because the mind or intellectual capacity has been trained to operate at levels beyond the regular person. This we do through education, whether formal or informal, whether virtual or physical. 
I am sure you have seen some people with health conditions that leave them living and functioning like children or even babies because of a problem with mental development, in most cases due to brain injury. A good, and sadly common, example is cerebral palsy. Some of these people grow to the expected adult size for their families of origin and live a whole life time but remain trapped in childhood in terms of mental development. Largely, the failure is that of the ability of the mind to develop in capacity to acquire, process, store and recall information normally. They don’t go far acquiring skills beyond instincts. They require varying degrees of assistance to go through day to day life activities that regular people do without thinking. 
The point is, if a grown man cannot learn, recall and apply information properly or as expected, he will still be childish in his reasoning. A child, or baby, cannot learn, recall or apply information properly, it’s usually quite frustrating what you have to go through to get a child to learn what you consider the simplest of things. (God knows I respect children’s teachers for this reason alone.)
Please, I am not by this indicating that, unless a person has a formal degree from tertiary institutions, he is immature. Education encompasses so much more than literacy and academia. It involves learning culture, customs, proper behaviour and decency, value and respect for other people and for human life. A professor of sociology can still be very immature if he lacks people skills. 
This post is getting long. Let’s leave off till next time. Okay? 


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