Israel Second Republic … PT 3

Joshua 1:5 … as I was with Moses

The company you keep

For those who have read the bible and are conversant with the lives of Moses and Joshua,

You’re probably thinking, “Come on! The only miraculous things Joshua did after Moses died was to cross the River Jordan and take down the walls of Jericho. How can that be compared with Moses?” I initially thought that way as well until I came across some other verses of scripture and gained more understanding.

Joshua 3

God was with Moses, the signs and wonders were not with Moses. Contrary to what must have been the popular thinking that time, it was God who was showing the signs and wonders, not Moses.

Psalm 103:7  God made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.


God being with Moses was a matter of relationship and not just demonstration of power. The demonstrations can be a sign of, but they are not, the relationship. John 3:2. It was clearly documented that God was with Joseph and though there were no wonders and miraculous spectacles to show, it was clear by other means that God was with him.


When we think of adjectives like gifted or invaluable, we usually think of the obvious persons, those whose skills are in obvious display and who get celebrated every time yet there are those whose skill is in working behind the scenes and staying hidden. There are those whose heroism is in showing up daily to do those “small” tasks that keep the company running smoothly and thus provide a steady platform for the “stars” to do their thing.


I find reason in this scripture to make extra effort to identify the value and benefit lodged in every team member, to find that unique way God is with each person and put that particular way to good use for the benefit of the team, whether spectacular or not.


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