Joshua 13:1, 6 – Mission Impossible

Joshua 3 

Put these two verses together and basically you get this, “The task I gave you is far from complete and you have run out of time. Never mind, I will continue the work I started. You just do the most you can before your time is up”.

God said,“I will drive out the occupants.”

Is it not interesting to realize that all the while, it was not Joshua that was driving out the people in their land? All the battles they engaged in were merely God’s excuse to get involved in the fight. They were so successful in their campaigns that a death count of merely thirty-six was a big deal to them, and that was because of the sin in their camp.

It must have been a concern to Joshua at some point that it seemed he would not be able to complete the task of settling his people in their lands just as his master, Moses, could not see the mission through to the end. He might have thought the mission would fail with his passing but God set the records straight, “I was the one working when Moses was around; I have been the one working when you took over, and after you are gone, I will not stop until my mission is accomplished”. Sounds just like, “I will build my church”, doesn’t it?

God could have done this without us but he chose to work with us; it’s a major privilege.

This scene in Joshua’s life also lends a vote to a thought: God’s vision cannot be completed in one man’s lifetime; it’s always bigger ahead than behind. Everything accomplished so far always sets the stage for something much bigger. It makes sense to forget the things that are behind and press towards the mark for the prize of a calling that is higher and loftier than all we have ever accomplished so far.

God’s plan for your life is bigger than you because God is bigger than you, that is why you have to trust Him and let Him run it for you. Sounds pretty basic and easy and totally fundamental to Christianity, doesn’t it? Yet I find that when it comes to application, we would rather take things into our own hands. For example, many young folks find it difficult to trust God for His will in the choice of a husband or wife. Many parents would freak out if they found out that their child is veering off the path they have carved out for him to have a successful career in the name of pursuing his dream probably in a less lucrative field of endeavour. The list of examples is endless.

I challenge you to press into God till you start seeing an image of yourself that is too much for you to handle, and you can’t fulfill it without God’s help; that should make it easier for you to just let God have His way.

Another lesson to learn from this story is that none of us, no matter how critically placed we seem to be in the kingdom, can hold up God’s plan by ourselves.


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