Exiting the Exit … Hallelujah!

After the Halleluyah Challenge, we all Held Hands to Pray! We had finished The 3months Probation and needed Some good news. Out of 25 from different nations we were just 5 Nigerians. At the end of the day 7 would be selected and employed. Each time our Files were reviewed and our nationalities reflected Nigerians, I could see the look on their faces! Yes Nigerians have been so fraudulent over here, It has made life uneasy for other Easy going and Sincere Minds to Excel. Nevertheless I strongly believed Olowogbogboro was involved. So we reached the Office that faithful Thursday! This was the last day of work so therefore any decision would be taken that day! So we walked in and were served letters. Each letter carried “Retained” or “EXIT”. Four of Us saw retained, but 1. He was asked to exit! The joy ceased. The merriment died! But He put up a smile! And said Just like that God will Do it. We followed Him down to the elevator. On reaching we met a man inside so we joined, because of thoughts we didn’t press the level we were going, so we followed the man! The man admired our suits and asked what we were doing there. We told Him and even told Him about our ordeals. He smiled and asked us to follow Him. We reluctantly did. Maybe at most, A consolation Drink! On reaching He placed a call at the reception and asked for a man to come up!

The man came up and took us back to his office! The first question He asked was, How do you know that man? We all echoed We met Him at the Elevator! He replied This can only be the Mighty Hand of a Supreme Being! We all unknowingly responded Olowogboboro😅! What did you say? He asked! Nothing sir we replied! The man you met at the Elevator is the Owner of this Company. He visits Twice a Year! Today was His second and probably Visit. Anyway, You all have been Granted Residency Directly. No need for references, He has given Himself as one! Please go down and return the Exit letter to the man who served you! We look forward to working with you soon. Am not sure we heard the other part. We wanted going back to return our colleagues EXIT letter.

When we entered, He stood up! Oh how I love such moments. I was the spokesman. I graciously Smiled saying, Am sorry Sir,  It seems my colleagues Letter needs some Readjustment! Also the required references for the job is been suitably furnished. I buttoned my suit as I ended my words with a widened smile. He replied saying He’s Sorry for the inconveniences caused. Not a problem we all echoed ! My colleague was served another letter and we went to celebrate the God that Answers!

You see i may not know what you’re going through. But don’t give up! If you’ve prayed about it don’t give up! If you’ve praised, Don’t Give up! Just like that God will Do it for you. When all hope seems to be gone, The God of pleasant Surprises will surprise you.

I just hope this Write up encourages you!


I came across this story and thought to share it with you because it blessed me.



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