The Test Tube – Single But Pregnant: Part 2

Continued from Part 1:

Sperm bank

HM: This is a really weighty mata. If the lady was standing in front of Jesus, what do you think Jesus would do? Or say?


Po: He will tell her that her sins are forgiven (when he hadn’t died) but today he would say my love is sufficient for you.

The difference between the 2 cases (adulterous case and the insemination case) is that d first case is a well known/understood sinful act while the latter is still, to many, as undefined.


HM: But I say, walk habitually in the [Holy] Spirit [seek Him and be responsive to His guidance], and then you will certainly not carry out the desire of the sinful nature [which responds impulsively without regard for God and His precepts]. For the sinful nature has its desire which is opposed to the Spirit, and the [desire of the] Spirit opposes the sinful nature; for these [two, the sinful nature and the Spirit] are in direct opposition to each other [continually in conflict], so that you [as believers] do not [always] do whatever [good things] you want to do.



Hon: My thoughts on this issue but not so detailed.😁

We must remember this isn’t Pre-insemination counselling but post. Now our sister is expecting and we should be there for her. Also, we should help her see that she can trust God for a good man. It was this lack of assurance that drove her into taking this decision in the 1st place. So, we must help rather than condemn her and establish her heart in the grace of our Lord Jesus.


PD: Has she shown any repentance? Cos going by this line of thought, we should not bother whether she is sorry or not, we should just be there for her. Is this what you’re saying?

Po: Has what she did been accepted as wrong by her. If she sees it as good then don’t expect repentance .

PD: Then if she is unrepentant, should her church be providing her support?

Doing so, what does that tell us? Go and commit sin and come back feeling cool with yourself, we will support you. Commit Grand Theft Auto, Rob a bank, Snatch someone’s husband, do any manner of wrong, we are the church we must support you.

We are comparing her with the woman who was brought to Jesus whereas that woman clearly knew she was in error. She might have felt bound by her lifestyle but she knew it was wrong. She didn’t argue with her accusers, she was ready to die. The love reached out to her by Jesus was pardon for recognized sin and grace to break the hold and she grabbed it.

Remember the prodigal son? The father was waiting for him but the boy had to come to his senses and take a step homeward.

I probably sound harsh and heartless and unloving and un-everything but I will go by what wisdom the scriptures show and not by the emotional, sympathetic or circumstantial issues surrounding it.

On the other hand, there are “halfway houses” run by Christians whose ministry is in reaching out to folks with such and similar issues like unwanted pregnant girls or drug addicts and prostitutes. She should go there. She will not be condemned but she will be supported while they counsel with a target of repentance so she can receive help from God on a larger scale.

She is pregnant, yes. Sympathy always goes to pregnant woman. But that is not the basis of church government.

I am reminded of one New York Single Lady Pastor who was pregnant outside marriage. In her video I watched, she was not saying anything about apologizing for her actions or repentance. Instead she was saying many male men of God engage in similar actions and go scot free because they do not get pregnant and no one is the wiser. She went ahead to say she refuses shame, guilt and condemnation and she is proud of her pregnancy or baby or something like that. The congregation greeted her with applause.

I remember someone saying the woman is living in delusion.

We have to remember, God is God. He is not a product of a consensus and his judgements are not based on public opinions or sympathy for the unborn, in spite of how precious they are to him … far more precious than they could ever be to us. He himself binds himself by and to His word. He will not change His mind because of an endangered minority group.

That being said, I feel for the woman. I feel sorry for her. I wish she hadn’t chosen that path but she has. If she seeks my help, I will give it based on her showing any sign of remorse. The help she needs is for the salvation of her soul, above all else because, friends, Satan is not done with her yet. There is more ahead.

The scriptures cannot be broken.

Chi: My take on the matter is this. I believe a mind that has come to a total resolve cannot be swayed by talks. I believe she knew what she wanted and she knew that the body of Christ might not understand (her way) oooh. Hence she decided to take the action and damn the consequences.

If the single lady is in position of authority (i.e. a leader of a group etc) then I think she should be first relieved of her responsibilities and then counseled. Paul said all things are lawful but not all are expedient. Her action will only send a vibe that it’s OK to do this. She should be counseled and d root of the matter has got to be identified and this must be done in LOVE and no judgement. No one should make her feel inferior but in love her mistake is to be corrected.

If she is not in a place of authority then d leaders of the church should constantly place her on d altar of prayer. That the word that will save her soul will get to her one way or anoda and should also be reached out to in love.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. There are different measures of faith and is as we daily apply ourselves to this that we grow. We Christians make a mistake by ALWAYS being very JUDGEMENTAL and at the end instead of the problem to be solved it ends up being worsened and d person backslides.

Let us pray for one another honestly. I might not open up to my pastors in church but I can open up to PD lol. Not because I don’t trust them in church but because I know that PD has got my back on d past and trust that he is seasoned in God’s word to help me find a way out through the leadings of the Holy Ghost.  ( nb: This is just an example ooh😜😜)

Anyway back to the matter she needs love … Both Tough and Emotional Love.

Glo: Will a single lady who opted for adoption be relieved of her responsibility as a leader in church?

PD: There is nothing wrong with counseling her to be strong to wait for God who doesn’t disappoint. No matter how late she gets married, nothing is impossible for God if she believes. … if she believes.

However, if she thinks she doesn’t have the faith for it, she should know that whatever human means she takes to “solve” her problems will, like every human treatment, have side effects and sometimes complications. Only God can give a blessing that has no sorrow with it.

I have heard testimonies of women over 50 who got married for the first time in their lives, men too.

I have counseled a number of women who felt life was passing them by without as much as a second glance. Some were just about ready to accept advances from unbelievers while some were just broken. They are all married now, after waiting just a little longer, this time, trusting God rather than looking at their unfortunate circumstances.

Lee: Awesome!!!!

Women need to be told this. My 50yr old aunt recently married, and she’s happy. Another 45yr old aunt too. People need encouragement. Unfortunately our environment and people make it seem like your in competition with ALL your peers.


The discussion continues in Part 3:


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