Joshua 15:12 – Family Tree

 Joshua 3

Joshua 15:12  And the west border [was] to the great sea, and the coast [thereof]. This [is] the coast of the children of Judah round about according to their families.

I’ve heard a lot about generational curses and familial curses but not much is said about generational blessings and familial blessings when, clearly, it has been there all along. The devil got his idea for afflicting people under generational curses by copying God’s idea of generational blessings. The blessings came first but we seem to recognize, focus on and magnify the curse over the blessing. Typical.

God recognizes families and in His plan, He makes provisions for each family to be blessed with their portion of inheritance in Him. There is a blessing that began from Abraham, through Isaac, got to Jacob and still persists today.

I am convinced that, if you look well, you will see something that God put in your family that is good for your family … it doesn’t have to be money, maybe a special skill that could bring in great wealth for your family. Funny thing is this special gift might not seem special to you because you grew up with it and you’ve become used to it, but if you think about it, there is something that seems very natural and easy for you that your friends and colleagues have a hard time doing and when they commend you and try to make you out as someone special, you tell yourself, “it’s no big deal, all my siblings can do this … some even better than me”. Isn’t that a blessing in your family? There are families of singers, actors, successful farmers, excellent business men, pastors … the possibilities are endless.

Joseph did not have to tell his father and brothers the meaning of his dreams. Immediately he told the dreams, they all knew what the meaning was and they were so sure of it that it drove his brothers crazy with jealousy. The gift to interpret dreams, at least, was in that family.

There is a blessing that God put in your family so that all the families of the earth can be blessed by it. I dare you to look for that blessing that God has put in your family. And when you find it, thank God for it … then get to work.

Genesis 12:3, Psalm 133.


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