Q & A with Dr Linda

I am a lady of 25yrs, not in relationship and sometimes I will just be feeling emotional loneliness to the length that it seems as if I should just start any relationship I see around me.
To pray or study the word of God at that time will be difficult for me.
Ma, please what can I do?

It is not strange to feel this way at all especially when people around you are getting into relationships.
However, it also shows that your focus is on the wrong thing.
Relationship is not the peak of life. It is not the best thing in life either. There are other things in life that are more important that you should focus on.
The best thing or most important thing in life after God is YOU.
Focus on you.
Focus on how to improve you and enjoy you.
The single period of a person’s life is not the time to sit around and wait for a relationship or get lonely. It is a time to work.
Adam was created by God and was single at first. God did not allow him to just sit down in the garden waiting for Eve. God gave him work.
Adam was alone but not lonely because he had God and work.
If you are getting lonely, then you are missing both.
God is with you so interact with him.
Get involved in work.
What kind of work? You may ask.
It is the work of building yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.
Read books that will make positive impact in your spirit, read books that will expand your mind, face your physical job and you will notice that you will be too busy to feel lonely.
If you jump into any relationship because of loneliness, I can assure you that you will be making a big mistake.
Relationships don’t cure loneliness and will only fuel it if that is your reason for going into it.
Nobody in this world has your time 24/7 except God which makes him the only cure for loneliness.

3 thoughts on “Q & A with Dr Linda

  1. Am very sceptical about relationship even though am 31yrs now. But of recent a lady made advances at me, telling me of her interest and willingness to be with me. But am just confused because don’t know if she is the one.


    • The confusion did not start with this lady; you have always been sceptical.
      There is a part of loving someone other than yourself that involves taking the risk to be vulnerable. All loving comes with a risk. It cannot be avoided.

      But so do investments; yet we make them. We look at the risks involved and analyse them well in the light of possible profit and a clear understanding of how to combat those risks. To hash out gray areas, we recruit a consultant. We call it smart investing.

      Same thing with relationships. Look at what’s troubling you objectively and find the proper way to combat them. Then consider exactly walnut you need the relationship for – that’s your profit. Then talk to God, He is the only consultant with 100% success rate.

      Check out this article previously published on the subject of hearing God.


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